We appreciate your business and therefore want to say thank you for leasing with us for one and two we want to reward you not forgetting about how you were referred to the apartment community that you ultimately end up leasing with, three we want your repeat business and four we want you to refer your friends because you like the service you received.

Sometimes there may be a few weeks up to three months from the first time you contact us for assistance up until the time you’re going to want to look and lease you next great place.  You might forget that part of our service includes that we will call the communities for you before you go to save your time, gas, only day off and update you with the exact market data; finding the units for your exact move in date. You might even receive numerous quotes per your request but then your plans changed, we always follow up but we are not stalk-ish! We trust that you know your schedule best and will be get back in touch with us as discussed on our first call, weeks or months might go by, you finally move, you listed us on your guest card and application but there’s all the stress that goes with your move, boxes on top of boxes, you can’t find the silverware, the cable man didn’t come, etc. we totally get it, we are not a priority when it’s moving day!

BUT WE STILL NEED your help, the apartment community at which you lease is not allowed to notify us when you apply, if you let us know this the day you apply it won’t matter if you forgot on moving day, we need you to let us know where you moved so we can do our paperwork. I have been told many time, no I didn’t expect or what a rebate, or what rebate, oh thanks or oh no, you did a great job and I didn’t want it, cool BUT even if you don’t want the rebate, we still need to know where you leased; otherwise we don’t know who to send our bill too.

It’s free money, where else do you find that?  You’re eligible for $50 up to $200 cash back/check, Amazon.com credit or even an honorary name donation to your favorite charity, your choice. Depending on where you leased and the terms of your lease, the exact amount might vary.  When you share in the work/search many times we are able to rebate up to $200 for your standard deposit fee but we can most always rebate your application fee up to $50, sometimes admin up to $100. It does all depend on where you lease, it’s not even based on what your rent range is. All communities offer different terms and we never filter our customer lists based on it. If we make more the rebate is more. If you want to inquire about any amount before you apply we will screenshot you the listing data, full disclosure is the RYTE way!

Please fill out our claim form so we can verify what offer you are eligible for and to inform us how you would like to be paid.

*Our gift form is in place to automate and reduce paperwork, for fastest processing time, please submit once you are approved with unit # and pending move in date.
You can’t go wrong with RYTE Links! Thank you for leasing with us!