Why is the service FREE? Locator Service is free because the aparments pay us out of their marketing budget when we refer you to lease with them. 

How do you get paid? To ensure your agent is paid for the work provided to you, RYTE Links and agent’s name must be given by you in person or by phone so they can list it on your guest card. Also when you lease online Locator Service, Boker, Realtor, Apartment Locator MUST be selected from them menu choices when you see: How did you hear about us.

Agent’s name and RYTE Links must also be on your application, please don’t forget this step.

Does using a Locator affect my special or rent in anyway? Nope, never so why not use our time and save your’s. Anyone leasing an apartment gets the same price, however the prices can change daily, sometimes hourly, this is how we save you time and reduce your stress and frustration. In most cases we save you money as well. You let us know when you’re ready to look and lease and we will get you the best possible discounts all in!

Do I have to register to use your service?  Yes

How do I register?  

1. Call us, we are ready to speak with you and send you everything that matches what you’re looking for. 832-752-4075
2. or Fill out this form “HELP ME” 

What am I agreeing to understand about the custom apartment list I’ll receive and working with a Locator?

  • You understand that apartment prices can change daily and in order to lock in your rental rate you must pay the required fees at the time you apply.  Courtesy holds are at the discretion of the leasing staff, look and lease specials are usually honored from between 24-72hrs. 
  • The Apartment MLS data found on RYTELINKS.COM is updated regularly by third party, the property managers and other agents but it’s not 100% accurate on a daily basis. The availability changes daily. We can lock in a quote for you per your request at most places but not all. 
  • You acknowledge and agree to release RYTE Links from inaccurate or incomplete data given by property staff otherwise; relying on said data is at your own risk and can be affected by your own time delays on touring day, the lease term you choose as well as the move in date.  
  • After you’ve received your quotes prior to touring communities and or leasing online you will notify your agent before you apply which community you’ve decided to lease at so they can update your record. 
  • If you are working with another REALTOR® prior to contacting us you need to understand that only one agent gets credit for assisting you with your home search and we may or may not be able to assist you.

How soon should I start looking at my options? If you have a current lease, remember that you’ll either need to give a 60 day or 30 day written vacate notice. So depending on that:

You can begin your search as early as 90 days prior to when you want to move if able. 60 days prior to when you need to move-in is ideal but can be sooner or later.  We can help you for immediate’move-in needs but keep in mind that the communities pre-lease units 45-70 days prior to when the unit will be vacant.  It is best to not wait. If you’re moving in early August the time to find and lease your place is mid-May – mid-June.  The longer you wait the less options we might find for you. Not a scare line, seriously! If you are at all picky about where you’re going next, don’t wait! Houston has had an explosion in growth, with over 2.2 million residents we are the country’s 4th largest city. Additionally, Harris County with now over 4.3 million makes enlisting an expert to assist you the smartest way to search.  The occupancy rates have stayed above 90% since 2012.  Rents continue to rise with demand and our new construction/now open listings pre-lease faster than ever.

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For ASAP and IMMEDIATE MOVE-INS, be advised that it may take up to three business days to be approved and pick up your keys. Click her Help Me or call now for immediate assistance!