Tired of renting?  RYTE Links contributes to your closing costs!

Buyer rebates for our ready, qualified, prepared home buyers & our first time home buyers.

Resale Homes:

Resale Homes Level 1 Buyers receive  50% share!   EX: $500,000 sale based on typical 3% to buyer’s agent = $7,500 towards your closing costs.

Resale Homes Level 2 Buyers receive 33% share!   EX: $500,000 sale based on typical 3% to buyer’s agent = $4,950 towards your closing costs.

On Homes less than $300,000 the rebate is the portion of the commission that exceeds our minimum $5,000 portion.

New Home Sales / New Construction

Level 1 Buyers receive 60% share!   EX: $500,000 sale based on typical 3% to buyer’s agent = $9000 towards your closing costs.

Level 2 Buyers receive 50% share!  EX: $500,000 sale based on a typical 3% to buyer’s agent = $7,500 towards your closing costs.

On Homes less than $300,000 the rebate is the portion of the commission that exceeds our minimum $5,000 portion.

Whether you are going to buy a resale or new home, we will negotiate the sales price for you, handle all of the paperwork, answer all of your questions, be available for you at all times before, during, and even after you move in. We want to make sure things run smoothly for you, give you the level of service you deserve regardless of your price range.  We want to ensure you pay the absolute lowest price and get the best terms which will save you even more money.

RYTE Links wants to help you make your home ownership dreams a reality!

Level 1 are buyer’s who are prepared, already qualified, pretty much know what they want, know the area they want to live in, and have done their market research. We are happy to pass the maximum rebates to you for your time invested and making our job easier!

Level 2 buyer’s are typically our first time buyer’s who need extra TLC, require a great deal more time, aren’t sure what they want, what they are qualified for, may be unsure of where they want to live, need to be educated about the various first time home buyer programs, may not know what the typical costs are or much about the process of home buying.  We are totally excited to convert our renter’s into home-owners and are happy to give you the time and attention you need and still give you a generous amount of cash at closing towards your first purchase!

Things you could use this extra cash for might included:

  • Closing costs
  • Money off the price of the home
  • Repair costs made before closing
  • Upgrades in new construction
  • Pre-payment of taxes at closing

If the Buyer Agent commission is less than the typical 3%, the rebate will be reduced by the amount of the reduction (the dollar amount below 3% of purchase price).

Commission rates in Texas are not set and vary depending on the individual property owner. We use the term “typical commission structure of 3%” as an example only, and we make no representations that this is a standard or set structure.


Lease with a Right to Purchase Program

Rent it now with the Right (but not the obligation) to Purchase it in the future. Lease with a Right to Purchase Program.

Making Home ownership a Reality for More People!

It’s a great option if you:

  • Want to live in a single-family home, in a great community with quality schools
  • Are a first-time home buyer who’s cautious about buying a home now, but may want to buy in the future.
  • Potential homeowners who recently relocated and are unsure which neighborhood to settle down in.
  • Potential homeowners who cannot obtain a mortgage, but who want to live in a community with great schools.

If you qualify for the program, you get to pick a house that is FOR SALE based on your approved rent, in a community where they purchase and you would get to rent that
house. The investment firm purchases the home, with a quick close and in cash.  You are only obligated to a 1 YEAR LEASE term at a time, with a right to renew your lease for up to 3 years. You can purchase the home at any time for a pre-agreed upon price.

• Home must be located in an approved community
• Home price must be between $100,000 and $450,000*
• Minimum of two above grade bedrooms on a lot of three acres or less
• Single family home or fee-simple town-home
• No short sales, REO or auctions
• No material deficiencies (i.e. major structural issues, solid aluminum
wiring, etc.)

  • Annual household income of $50,000+
  • Stable employment
  • 550+ credit score
  • Must meet rent to income and debt to income ratios
  • No pending bankruptcy, must be dismissed
  • No disqualifying criminal history, call for details, some felonies older than 6 years are okay
  • No landlord rental debt evictions or broken leases within the last 3 years

I would love to tell you more. If you have a few minutes to reach out today, I can give you more
info. I look forward to hearing from you!  832-752-4075